Andy Sharp is a 28 year old singer-songwriter from Hamilton Scotland. He is the youngest of three boys, born of a Scottish Protestant father and an Irish Catholic mother. His passion is and always has been poetry, particularly  the work of T.S. Elliot, Leonard Cohen and the lesser known Irish poets Seamus Heaney and W.B. Yeats.   

It was at the age of fifteen that Andy first picked up an electric guitar but it wasn’t until he was enrolled in Graduate studies in Dundee Scotland that he put pen to paper with the intention of writing his own poems and song lyrics. As he shifted his creative focus to the craft of songwriting, a catalogue of his own original material was born.  Armed only with an acoustic guitar and a few harmonicas, following in the tradition of all of his musical heroes, he began to perform his new songs in coffee houses and pubs in Glasgow, Dundee, London and as far away as Paris. More recently he has performed regularly in his new hometown of Toronto Canada where he has resided for the last three years.  

 All of Andy’s early songs and lyrics are the byproduct of what he calls “a good upbringing in the rough town of Hamilton.” The subtle divisions of culture and faith between Protestants and Catholics as well as the sectarian divide between Ireland and Scotland were always palpable and pervasive, even if they lay just below the surface of everyday life.    

In August of 2018  Andy began another chapter of his musical journey and partnered up with  a collection of veteran Canadian alt-country musicians.  As excited as Andy and the band were for the new infusion of electric energy into his very personal and intimate songs, they were always careful not to stray too far away from the aesthetic of his singer-songwriter roots.  The song “Deadbeat”produced by Canadian multi-Platinum selling producer Chris Perry (Courage My Love, Keshia Chante, K.I.D.) is the most successful example so far of this new band's collaborative energy. It was recorded over a weekend in early March 2019 and it is also one of the first songs he penned documenting his new life in Canada. In true Canadian creative tradition the song references a very sentimental “island in the middle of a lake” near his girlfriend’s cottage outside Perth Ontario.   

In Deadbeat's chorus Andy also reassures the listener that  “you should only be true to yourself.”  It is a soulful and self-affirming message, repeated in an anthemic refrain.  A spiritual call to action in the Canadian tradition of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah or Neil Young’s Keep on Rocking in the Free World. The song’s uplifting message is anchored by guitar player Ryan Jenkin’s equally inspiring and infectious guitar riff which caps off every chorus and neatly bookends the song. New to the band's live set, Deadbeat has already become a crowd favorite and with the release of this new recording, it should continue to have audiences tapping their feet and singing along for many years to come.

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Band Members:  

Andy Sharp: Lead Vocals and Acoustic Guitar

Kathleen Welch: Vocals

Derek James: Drums and Percussion

Ryan Jenkins: Electric Guitars and Vocals

Chris Sytnyk: Bass Guitar



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